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Standardized. Simple. And yet individual.

Care plans

Define your own care plans to involve your patients and invite them to shape their own treatment process. Your care plan is made up of any number of modules.

Standardized clinical pathways

With the Acalta Health Platform, you integrate your patients into care plans. These digitally map your standardized clinical pathways and complement them optimally and individually.

Patient journey

Have questionnaire completed in preparation for initial interview
Provide treatment pathway information
Initial interview
Submit external findings
Appointment reminders
Submit individual questionnaires
Take vital signs at home
Integration of smart devices
Keep a pain diary
Checklists before hospitalization
Information about the stay in the clinic
Provide accompanying educational information
Therapy information
Medication plan
Keep treatment diary
Recording of complications and side effects
Recording the quality of treatment (ePRO)




Would you like your patients to document the course of treatment, any symptoms that occur, or a change in their state of health? You can do this at any time using recurring or one-time questionnaires that your patient answers directly in the app.

For your treatment team, it's part of the job to remind your patients daily by phone, e-mail or post, for example, of upcoming appointments or to send them documents? Until now. Because with the Acalta Health Platform you can automatically send targeted digital reminders.


Document exchange

Provide your patients with the information they need for treatment quickly and easily. For you, this means reducing time-consuming paperwork, and for your patients, staying informed anytime, anywhere.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of bureaucracy associated with doctor visits and hospital stays. We want to make your treatment team's job easier by allowing you to send or receive documents from your patients via our app.



Some clinical pictures and symptoms vary greatly and therefore require recording over a longer period of time. Give your patients the opportunity to document symptoms and disease progression regularly and in a structured manner.

Do you want to make sure that your patients think of certain topics before their next hospital stay or that they have packed all the important things? By providing checklists, your patients will feel perfectly taken care of and definitely won't have to fret about having forgotten anything. And neither will you.

Vital signs

Under development.

Whether the classic blood pressure monitor or a modern smartwatch. They all record our vital parameters several times a day. Use the digital documentation of these values to supplement existing questionnaires.