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Acalta Health Platform

The Acalta Health Platform was developed as a supplement to existing patient care based on our own medical experience. The treatment team itself can rarely take on additional tasks outside of regular office hours. With our solution, you can extend your treatment pathways beyond the boundaries of your practice and clinic. As physicians, we have the right focus on innovation, patient safety and data protection, as required by our professional code of conduct. By physicians for physicians and our shared patients.

TeamComponents of the Acalta Health Platform
Tailor-made. Complementary.

Customized solution for your clinic

Your treatment paths in everyday clinical practice are as individual as your patients. With our solution, you can digitally map the patient journey and provide your patients with guidance.

Individual. Close to the patient.

Provide your own content

Our solution provides a platform to make your own content available to your patients. This includes e.g. questionnaires as well as regularly used information material. In this way, you promote patient loyalty to your institution and increase adherence.

Simple. Digitized.

Supplement internal processes digitally

By using the Acalta Health Platform in your clinic, you optimally complement your established, clinical processes. Our solution integrates seamlessly into your existing system without creating much additional work for treatment teams.


Increase patient loyalty

As physicians, you are concerned with helping and healing your patients. But you can often only do that if you have sufficiently engaged with your counterpart. The keyword is patient-centered care. This not only increases the quality of your treatment, but also demonstrably enhances the attractiveness of your facility and promotes loyalty. Satisfied patients will ultimately choose your address again and recommend your services to others.

Asynchronous exchange

Patient discussions are existential for the doctor-patient relationship as well as for diagnostics and cannot be replaced under any circumstances. However, there is always a need for information that can be satisfied without personal contact. With the Acalta Health Platform, the exchange of information between patients and your treatment team is automatic and asynchronous. In this way, valuable human resources are conserved and the workflow is self-determined.

Relief of the treatment team

Time and again, you encounter overworked clinic staff in your daily clinic routine, or perhaps you are even affected yourself. We help you and relieve you and your team with the automation of the patient connection. As a result, you can focus again on those patients who show treatment-relevant abnormalities and need your attention.

Support independent of location

In everyday life, we are often on the move in many places, have to be flexible and cannot always follow a rigid schedule. Your patients benefit from being accompanied by care plans throughout the entire treatment pathway. These are not only specified by the responsible treatment team, but also allow you to connect them regardless of location or time. No matter where your patient is currently located, they can receive and send data.

Increase adherence

It is not exactly rare for patients not to follow the instructions of your treatment team. Often due to lack of attention or the feeling of being ignored or not heard. By using the Acalta Health Platform you regain the focus on the individual needs of the patients and at the same time promote patient satisfaction and thus adherence by providing additional treatment-relevant information. In this way, you prevent cancelled surgeries or last-minute cancellations of planned appointments.

Data protection

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Authentication of patients via biometric features
Anonymous User
De facto anonymity of the patients
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Patients do not need user accounts
Up-to-date encryption standards
For care teams

Acalta Clinics

In Acalta Clinics you manage the connection of patients as well as the available care plans. In addition, you can view results of questionnaires and export data.

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For patients

Patienta App

The Patienta App is the interface to your patients. It allows them to see their current status in the treatment process and the next steps.

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