Vision & Mission
Our team
One characteristic unites us


Behind our company is not just a platform, but a lot of personality, motivation, commitment and a challenging vision.

We combine IT expertise, medical background and experiencein management.

Our vision

A culture of medicine that is focused on the patient, where physicians can concentrate on their core competencies of "healing" and "helping."

Seamless exchange of information
Interprofessional collaboration and networking
Patients as active shapers of their health
Access to digital supply

Our mission

We improve healthcare - individual, user-friendly, digital.

Provision of a digital platform
By doctors for doctors
Coverage of the entire treatment pathway
Time creation for medical staff

Our values

Respect - For each other. With each other.

Responsibility -

Every team member, every customer, every business partner brings with them their own traits, characteristics and peculiarities. We stand for open-mindedness as well as mutual acceptance and treat each other with respect.

As young people, we see it as our responsibility to make a difference, to drive our society forward. With this conviction and our inexhaustible energy, we are committed to the company and, above all, to progress in healthcare.

Data protection - security first.

Innovation & Technology -
Out of curiosity.

As a team consisting mainly of physicians, we know the importance of confidentiality and thus also of sensitive, personal data and findings. For us, the very highest. This is precisely why we always keep data protection in mind with all our ambitions in terms of digitalization and ensure the best possible security for our customers and their patients.

We are excited to see which new developments will pave the way in the coming years, which technologies will shape the world of tomorrow. And we see ourselves as part of it - with concrete plans for where our technology will be used.